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Range Rover Evoque presents #CityEvoquation

We all look at the world differently. Especially if it's from the evocative seat of a Range Rover Evoque Convertible with its top down. Through its shapes, its sounds, its geometric wonder and sensory abundance, City Evoquation explores how we are all part of the bigger picture – even in big cites. How we interact with the world around us, one urban adventure at a time.

In fact, the Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Evoque Convertible are all about making the most of the world around us. So we hand-picked four individuals who seem to have a knack for this – four individuals who know how to turn heads and generate a following. And we asked them to give us a glimpse of Joburg, the way they see it.

Explore Joburg through the eyes of a photographer, a fashionista, an Instagrammer and an actress. It's beautiful. It’s evocative. It’s sensational.

Joburg: A place to find your own vibe

Charlemagne Olivier, better known as That Guy with Glasses, is a self-taught, camera-shy photographer who enjoys capturing that defining trait in each one of his subjects. He has a knack for finding beauty in the mundane. For discovering exciting nuances around every corner.

He describes Joburg as eclectic and fun – if you're brave enough to explore it. In a place that's dominated by hustle, bustle and everyday grind, the forces you to be innovative – and that’s what inspires him.

​Joburg: The playground of a fashionista

Ayanda has a very fine eye for the exquisite. She doesn't just know how to spot a trend – she sets it. She loves fashion. Always has, always will. And she knows how to inspire people with her love and her passion for beautiful things.

She gets inspired by all things Joburg: the richness and diversity of its history and cultures; the dazzling city lights at night; the exciting city life… It's a place that unlocks her creative potential. A place that she calls home.

​Joburg: Where grunge meets glam

Deen Schroeder is a Johannesburg based photographer and Instagrammer who is passionate about finding the beauty and inspiration in the every day. He firmly believes that everything has a powerful story to share and it is our responsibility to unfold those delicate stories with care and respect.

Deen often looks for new settings in the city to take his portraits – from the lavish and the grand to the broken and the forgotten. His style reflects the many contradictions that are found in Johannesburg. The restrictions and confinements have evoked the explorer in him.

Deen believes that the city is filled with inspiration – it's up to you to find it. And he has.

Joburg: Fast-paced. Adaptable. Alive.

Thando Thabethe is an actress, radio DJ, club DJ and television host. As an entertainer, she needs to be inspired in order to be able to inspire.

She couldn't have chosen a better place to stay – Joburg is alive and makes he come alive. It's the hub of all things happening. She loves the sights, the sounds, the passionate energy… it truly is like no place on earth. It energizes her passion and fuels her creative drive.

In Johannesburg, her city, in the Evoque, her car, she truly gets to live her dream.

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